Jean-Paul Goude

He uses the entire Gallery 2 space and venture boldly to portray the world of Jean-Paul Goude through a film reproduction of ads created for a department store inside Paris subway, "See No Evil", "Speak No Evil" and "Hear No Evil" featuring Goude muses dancing in the gallery, the large "Constructivist Maternity Dress" installation, photo collage "Morphological Improvements", and various drawings.

Jun Miyake

He produces music for "See No Evil", "Speak No Evil" and "Hear No Evil" by Jean-Paul Goude.

Robert Wilson

The exhibition is first showing in Japan of Wilson's iconic "Video Portraits." The works are scattered around the exhibition space, incorporating surrounding environmental aspects and a multitude of creative elements. The portraits create a tranquil and poetic space that goes hand in hand with the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT architecture.

David Lynch

He introduces his 24 lithographs in basement lobby.

Noritaka Tatehana

New "Heelless Shoes" and getas, plasters inspired by body structure and large Japanese hairpins are exhibited in and out doors. Patterns and dyes used to create the work are also on display.

Photographer Hal

He introduces in Gallery 1, "Flesh Love" and "Zatsuran", photographs of couples sealed inside a vacuum package. These photographs portray communication between couples in confined spaces.

Photo: Keizo Kioku

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