Jean-Paul Goude

For more than thirty years, through drawing, poster design, photography, cinema, video and event design, Jean-Paul Goude has made an impression, in every sense, on our imagination. His career began in the early 60's and he was appointed the art director of the legendary Esquire magazine in the 70's. He designed the spectacular Bicentennial Parade in Paris in 1989. From ads for Kodak and Chanel to working with the latest supermodels, Goude has triumphantly captured, time after time, the spirit of his age in his work.

Photo by Jean-Paul Goude

Jun Miyake

Discovered by the Japanese legend Terumasa Hino, Miyake started his career as a Jazz trumpeter, graduating Berklee College of Music. He has worked on films, documentaries, advertisement, theatre pieces, and served as a producer for numerous artists. He has also won many awards including Cannes advertisement film festival, the Digital media Grands prix, after working on over 3000 TV commercials. Miyake has closely worked with Pina Bausch, Wim Wenders, Robert Wilson, Oliver Stone, Jean-Paul Goude, Philippe Decouflé, Katsuhiro Otomo, etc. With his ability to blend the most seemingly disparate element of music, he has achieved much respect throughout the world.

Robert Wilson

Born in Waco, Texas, Wilson is among the world's foremost theater and visual artists. His works for the stage unconventionally integrate a wide variety of artistic media, including dance, movement, lighting, sculpture, music and text. His images are aesthetically striking and emotionally charged, and his productions have earned the acclaim of audiences and critics worldwide. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters and France pronounced him Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres. Wilson is the founder and Artistic Director of The Watermill Center, a laboratory for performing arts in Watermill, New York.

David Lynch

Born in 1946 in Montana - lives in Los Angeles. As filmmaker, photographer, painter and designer, David Lynch creates polymorphous and oneiric works. Through the multiplicity of his activities, he invents a mysterious and disturbing, strange and poetic universe. In 2007, on the occasion of his exhibition in the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain in Paris, he discovered the Parisian lithograph studio, Idem. Since then, he has produced series of lithographs there every year, where his inspirations find their figures. Lynch explores the possibilities offered by the different tools or even works directly on the stone with his hands: "through this contact, my hands are transformed into living tools, giving a space to the accidental, the groping." Be it with his works on paper or paintings, he expresses a jubilation of the material and a taste for experimentation.

Noritaka Tatehana

Born into a family running a public bathhouse, Kabuki-yu, in Kabukicho, an entertainment district located in the center of Tokyo. His mother is an instructor of Waldorf dolls, used in Waldorf or Steiner education. Noritaka was raised in Kamakura, where he initially started making dresses and shoes, all self-taught, when he was 15. He studied Fine Arts and Sculpture at the Tokyo National University of the Arts, later majored in dyeing and weaving. He did a research on "Oiran" or the courtesans of high rank in Edo period (1600-mid 1800). In the meantime, he created kimonos and getas (Japanese clogs) using Yuzen, the traditional Japanese dyeing method. In 2010, he established his own maison, "NORITAKA TATEHANA". Every step is handcrafted by the designer himself. Not only are his collection pieces held with admiration in the fashion industry, but they draw attention from the art world as well. His works are widely known to be loved by Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness.

Photographer Hal

Born 1971 in Tokyo. Graduate of Tokai University, School of Mechanical Engineering. In 2004, he released photo collection "PINKY & KILLER" after couples have become his subject of photography. He had solo exhibitions at the Nikon Salon in 2011 and 2013. In addition to work in Japan, Hal's work extends to the international stage with participation in group shows overseas. In 2009 he was the winner of the Kodansha Advertising Award. He created photo collections "Pinky & Killer DX" (Tosei-sha) in 2007 and "Couple Jam" (Tosei-sha) in 2009, and "Flesh Love" (Tosei-sha) in 2011.

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