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Animation "Irving Penn and Issey Miyake: Visual Dialogue" (9min. 58sec.)
The series details the creative process, that began with Miyake's making of clothing in Tokyo, being shown in Paris, the photo sittings by Penn in New York, and poster design by Ikko Tanaka.

Story & Direction: Midori Kitamura
Drawings: Michael Crawford
Animation: Pascal Roulin, Yukimasa Morimura, Monique Renault, Reiko Yokosuka, Tess Mallinson, Yi Donfun,
Yuki Tsujita, Sarah Mallinson
Voice: Peter Barakan, Thane Alexander Camus, Georg P. Taylor IX, Michael Anop, Haruhiko Saito, Midori Kitamura
Narration: Chris Peppler
Sound Design: Masato Hatanaka
Special Advice: Yutaka Shigenobu, TV MAN UNION, INC.

Exhibition view

Drawing "Irving Penn and Issey Miyake: Visual Dialogue"
19 original drawings by Michael Crawford, whose work often appears in The New Yorker. These drawings also serve as the basis for the animation.

From the original drawings created for the animated film by Michael Crawford
Copyright © 2010 by Michael Crawford

Photography Projection (18min. 39sec.)
148 images selected for the exhibition, from over 250 photographs of ISSEY MIYAKE collections taken by Penn and projected upon 31 meters of a single wall.

Photographs: Irving Penn / Clothing Design: Issey Miyake
Photographs Arrangemant: Midori Kitamura / Projection Editing: Pascal Roulin

Exhibition view

17 Original Prints by Irving Penn
Platinum, silver and color prints of fashion, portraiture and still life photographs made by Penn.

Irving Penn. 12 Apples, New York, 1995. Pigment print.
Copyright by The Irving Penn Foundation

Irving Penn. Issey Miyake Seaweed Dress, New York, 1994. Platinum/palladium print.
Copyright by The Irving Penn Foundation

*The selection of original prints will be rotated over the course of the exhibition as a conservation measure.

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67 Posters
Posters created by Ikko Tanaka for ISSEY MIYAKE each season beginning with the Spring/Summer Collection of 1987 through the Autumn/Winter Collection of 1999, and some of Miyake's exhibitions.

Exhibition view

ISSEY MIYAKE Collection Poster, Spring/Summer 1994.
Photograph by Irving Penn. Poster design and typography by Ikko Tanaka.
Photograph copyright by The Irving Penn Foundation

57 Preliminary Drawings for Photo Sittings
Sketches by Penn prior to the photo sessions.

Irving Penn. Flying Saucer (sketch), New York, 1994.
Copyright by The Irving Penn Foundation

*Due to the fragility of the drawings, the sketches on view here are digital reproductions.

Exhibition view: Masaya Yoshimura

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