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Sumally ZAKKA official account

Some of the zakka on display at the exhibition are presented on the web service Sumally.
Visitors can enjoy the zakka from the exhibition even after they leave the venue.

[ZAKKA official account] https://sumally.com/ZAKKA

Zakka Exhibition Concept Shop "ZAKKA Shop"

In addition to selling zakka by participating artists and exhibitors, many of which were chosen by Naoto Fukasawa, we are planning limited-time-only pop-up stores.

*As of the opening of this exhibition, the shop on the 1st Floor of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is renovated.
Shop Design: Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architects)

Photo: Sohei Oya / NACASA&PARTNERS, Inc.

List of Pop-up Stores

Photo: Sohei Oya / NACASA&PARTNERS, Inc.

Matsunoya: February 26 (Fri.) - March 28 (Mon.)
PUEBCO: March 30 (Wed.) - April 18 (Mon.)
Roundabout: April 20 (Wed.) - May 9 (Mon.)
Naomi Hirabayashi (Organize by LoFt): May 11 (Wed.) - June 5 (Sun.)

Examples of items for sale

Photo: Sohei Oya / NACASA&PARTNERS, Inc.

ZAKKA Exhibition / ZAKKA Shop Original tenugui (Japanese hand towels):
¥ 1,296 (tax included)
ALESSI cha kettle & tea pot: 29,160 (tax included)
ANDO'S GLASS: ¥ 1,944 (tax included)
KNEELING | 5 years of making carpets: ¥ 5,940 (tax included)