Exhibition "The Year 2121: Futures In-Sight"



"Future Compass" (Design: Yuri Uenishi / Photo: Madoka Akiyama)

Future Compass

"Future Compass" is a compass for the future that we envision, a tool that allows us to formulate our own original questions by combining the 21 key words freely in the three-layered disc.

Future Compass Digital

The "Future Compass" can be experienced online. By rotating the "Future Compass" and selecting three "words," you can check the "questions" and "insights" of the participants who have selected the same combination of words, as well as their exhibition locations in the venue.
(Design: CANOPUS)

A Walk Through 13.8 Billion Years of Space History

This installation allows visitors to experience 13.8 billion years of history, from the birth of the universe to the present, on the scale of one year (365 days) of Earth time. The exhibition begins with an experience of a scale that differs from humanity's sense of time.

"Questions" and "Insights"

In this room, the various professionals in Japan and overseas have given shape to the "questions" and "insights" they have derived through Future Compass based on their own specialty of expertise and philosophy of life.

In addition to the displays of "Future Compass" that form main theme of this exhibition, we also display the contents that are necessary when thinking about "the future." For example, "EARTH TIMELINE," a collection of natural raw objects that encompass the time from 5 to 10 million years ago, and "TIME MONOLITH," a square pillar with layered objects to show the change in 100 years. Visitors encounter different kinds of perspectives in this space where those displays are mixed.


"The Future which imagined 100 years ago"
"Prototyping the 'Futures In-Sight'"
"The Future predicted by Sci-Fi novels"
"The art of predicting the future ①Formula"
"The art of predicting the future ②Whether Lore"
"The art of predicting the future ③Fortune Telling"