Exhibition "Future Elements: Experimental Laboratory for Prototyping in Science and Design"


Exhibition Contents

Haruka Aramaki + Tomohiro Tachi

Haruka Aramaki playfully deals with common materials and parts to discover their particular characteristics, which she incorporates into her works. Some of her pieces were observed by Tomohiro Tachi, who, while clarifying the causes of the phenomena, also enjoyed the mechanisms together with Aramaki. The essence of such processes is exhibited in Aramaki and Tachi's collaborative works.

Inami JIZAI Body Project + Maiko Endo

The short film "JIZAI" was directed by Maiko Endo on the theme of the Inami JIZAI Body Project. Exhibited is the worldview behind this film. A unique video has been created from the unexpected experiences realized by the research prototypes.


Visitors will see clothing produced with a brand-new manufacturing concept. These pieces have been made possible through fusion of two technologies. One is Steam Stretch technology, invented by A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE whereby a textile shrinks when heated. The other is an algorithm developed by Nature Architects which automatically indicates how to fold a flat surface into three-dimensions, and can be used in clothing design.

Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo), Chiba Institute of Technology + Shunji Yamanaka

Exposing beautiful skeletal structures, rather than hiding motors and cables behind covers as normal, is the underlying concept behind fuRo and Yamanaka's robot creation. Robots are shown together with sketches and drawings.
Exhibits: morph3, Hallucigenia 01, Halluc IIχ, CanguRo, RULO
Installations: ON THE FLY, Wonder Robot Projection

The University of Tokyo: DLX Design Lab + Yoshiho Ikeuchi Lab

A video showcases an installation in which people engage in remote "conversations" with laboratory-grown neurons of the human brain. Also exhibited are the design process and prototypes of a conceptual incubator for cultivating neurons that make these "conversations" possible.

nomena + Megu Gunji

Skeletal models focusing on animal joints are exhibited. By assembling and moving them, visitors will realize how human joints all function in the same way.

Mitsuru Muramatsu (Takram) + Dr. Muramatsu

Mitsuru Muramatsu plays a double role as researcher and designer. He has developed a system of new design methodologies for products that follow human body form. Exhibits consist of three-dimensional works based on the virtual trajectories of moving particles. Also displayed is software which allows visitors to experience the design processes.

Yamanaka Laboratory + Researchers in various fields

Research conducted at the Yamanaka Laboratory always starts from Yamanaka's own sketches. Prototypes are created based on these initial productions. Exhibits have been generated over a period of 15 years, and are based on collaboration with the following researchers: Imasen Engineering Corporation, Inami JIZAI Body Project, Fumio Usui, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Toru Okabe, Noritaka Kawashima, Kazuya Saito, SPLINE DESIGN HUB, Tetsudo Kousaikai Foundation Prosthetic and Orthotic Care Center, Toshiki Niino, Manfred Hild, Masahiro Yoshikawa, others