"traNslatioNs - Understanding Misunderstanding"



Swim in the Ocean of Languages

To the Port of Languages


Find the Connection of Languages

Google Creative Lab + Studio TheGreenEyl + Dominique Chen "Found in Translation"

Enrich Our Emotional Landscape

Tim Lomas + Shunya Hagiwara "Positive Lexicography"

Learn Diversity in the Universe of Languages

Ella Frances Sanders "Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words"

Mix Different Languages into One

Pei-Ying Lin "Unspeakableness - Personalized Language"

Search for Ways of Conveying

Write Words with Signals

Tania & Ken Finlayson + Google Gboard team "Hello Morse"

Listen to Sound with Vibration

Tatsuya Honda "Ontenna"

Hearing Text with Spectacles

Keisuke Shimakage "FabBiotope"

Unravel the thinking process

Junko Shimizu "Graphic recording of Graphic recording"

Transmit with Body

Create Languages of Movement

Natsumi Wada + signed "Visual Creole"

Draw Worlds with Hands

Natsumi Wada + Yasuaki Kakehi "An image of..."

Watch / Feel / Experience Sports Matches

Asa Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology) + Akiko Hayashi (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories) + Junji Watanabe (NTT Communication Science Laboratories) "Sports Guide Without Sight"

Mixing Cultures

Think About Translate Through Cooking

Kosuke Nagata "Translation Zone"

Living with the Past

Transforming Flames into Ice

Takram "Flame Iceware"

Connect Ancient Times with Future

Etsuko Ichihara "Ritual Prayer Robot (Jomon ver.)"

Bringing Jomon Style into Everyday Life

Nagaoka Institute of Design "Life with Jomon"

Transform Earthenware to Huge Architecture

noiz "Tokyo Olympic Village - Jomon 2020"

Between Things

Seeing the Distance of Communication

yang02 "Couldn't seen well"

Face Other Species

Listen to the Voice of Plants

Spela Petric "Institute for Inconspicuous Languages: Reading Lips"

Talk with Invisible Living Beings

Ferment Media Research "NukaBot v3.0"

Loving Other Species

Ai Hasegawa "Human x Shark"