Exhibition 1 Directed by Naoto Fukasawa "Chocolate"

Photo top: Tyen "SHOCKO SCREAM" 2007 © Tyen
Bottom: Naoto Fukasawa Image photografh of "Chocolate Life" 2007 © Naoto Fukasawa

21_21 (two-one two-one) DESIGN SIGHT is happy to announce their first exhibition, Chocolate, planned and executed under the direction of product designer and one of the 21_21 directors, Naoto Fukasawa.

© James Mollison

The subject matter of the first exhibition is "chocolate", something with which everyone is familiar and yet here, nothing more than a springboard for expressing design points of view. Here, Naoto Fukasawa and some 30 creative individuals/groups present the surprise-filled views of the worlds they envisioned in their encounters with this word and bittersweet confection.
The 70 some of display works span a wide range of media including installation, video, photographs and sculpture. Bon appétit!

Statement by the exhibition director Naoto Fukasawa

The American cartoonist John G. Tullius once said,
'Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.'*
I think chocolate is a wondrous food, one with which everyone is familiar. But it goes beyond being merely a food … it shows its face in every aspect of our lives. What would happen if we were to embrace the world through that already shared feeling is what we're trying to find out with this exhibition. Naturally, works of chocolate itself will be involved but it's not just about that. It's about seeing the world through chocolate-together.

Naoto Fukasawa Profile

  • from The Little Book of Chocolate, Brockhampton Press, 1996, p.32

[Participating creators]

© Yasuhiro Suzuki

Mike Abelson+Yuri Shimizu (POSTALCO)/Philippe Baumont-Pagani/CABANE de ZUCCa/FRONT/Naoto Fukasawa/Makoto Hashikura/Hisashi Hidano/HIMAA/Yoji Ishii/Toshio Iwai/Azusa Kawaji/Issay Kitagawa/Yoko Kumagai/Sachiko Matsue/Akira Minagawa/James Mollison/Eric Nagy/Gaku Otomo/Yuki Sugiyama/Gen Suzuki/Yasuhiro Suzuki/Kaoru Takai/Marcus Tomlinson/Naoko Tone+Atsuyoshi Iijima/TONERICO:INC./ Natsumi Toyama/Kosuke Tsumura(FINAL HOME)/Ed TSUWAKI/Ryosuke Uehara+Yoshie Watanabe (D-BROS)/Tom Vincent/VINTA
(Alphabetical order)

[Special participants]

Daniel Jouanneau
Issey Miyake + Sachiko Yamamoto (ISSEY MIYAKE Inc.)

April 27 (FRI) - July 29 (SUN)
11:00 - 20:00 (Entrance until 19:30)
Every Tuesday (Except May 1st)
General ¥1000 University student ¥800
High and junior high school student ¥500
Ages 12 and under may enter for free
* ¥200 discount for groups of over 15 people
Advance purchase:
General ¥900 University student ¥700
High and junior high school student ¥400 (available until 26 April)

at Ticket Pia (P-code: advance purchase 687-330/same day 687-331); Lawson Tickets (L code: 30024); Family Mart, Circle K, Sunkus, and other play guide outlets

In association with:
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Agency for Cultural Affairs

Related Events

Opening special talk

Participant creators will be invited and a special talk held. Even with the same subject matter, perspectives and ideas differ from person to person. Participants will discuss at length such things as the process followed to complete a work with the director of this exhibition, Naoto Fukasawa.

FRONT, James Mollison, Akira Minagawa, Naoto Fukasawa, Noriko Kawakami etc.
April 28 (SAT) 3:00pm (doors open at 2:30pm).
Scheduled to finish at 5:30pm.
Tokyo Midtown conference room 7 (Midtown Tower 4F)
¥1,500 (includes entrance to the exhibition on the day)
100 people
Tokyo Midtown

The following events have been planned in conjunction with the exhibition.
Detailed information will be updated on this website.

■ ''Gallery talk'' by participant creators

In creating works for this exhibition, on what aspects of chocolate did the creators focus, and what was their thinking? This series of fun-filled talks reflects the individuality of the participating creators, and provides a great opportunity to sharpen your "design sight" via theirs.

■ A ''live chocolate show'' by pattisier

Scheduled for June. "Making chocolates" involves far more than dreaming up innovative shapes and forms; it calls for careful consideration of stimulating the five senses: how it appeals visually and aromatically, the composition of tastes, the sounds it makes and how it feels inside the mouth. This event is designed to give participants a taste of the highly creative world of the confectioner by showing them at work.

■ Design Lecture by Naoto Fukasawa

A lecture geared to designers and design students in which the director discusses why and how 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT's first exhibition became Chocolate.

  • *All programs will be conducted in Japanese only.
  • *The above detail are subject to change without notice.
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