21_21 DESIGN SIGHT holds the "Toward a DESIGN MUSEUM JAPAN" exhibition. Design impacts every corner of our lives; it brings joy to everyday life but it also leads the way to industrial growth and affluence. Design museums are not just an archive that passes on this remarkable design culture to following generations but it is bound to become an essential key when thinking to our lives from here into the future.

Since opening in 2007, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT has held 23 exhibitions starting from the "Tadao Ando Construction Site 2006 'A Hard-Fought Process'" and "Chocolate" exhibitions. Along with these exhibitions, we have dedicated itself to talk, workshops, and other educational programs.
Our journey to present has been supported by our determination to create a true design museum in Japan.

This exhibition will contemplate the roles expected of 21st century design museums. This will be examined through new outlooks based on time; past, present, and future accompanied by introduction to past 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT exhibitions as examples. We hope that this exhibition will become an opportunity for many to reflect upon their lives, culture, and society and furthermore about the possibilities of design.

Foreword from the planners

For the planners of this exhibition, it all started from Issey Miyake's 2003 newspaper article titled "Time to Create a Design Museum." Ten years from that time, we asked ourselves, "What are the things we can do amidst the various movements spurring toward creating such a museum?" The answer is this exhibition which rebuilds past exhibitions and their related activities.
The policy that we came to through unanimous decision is taken from the idiom, "Practice what you preach."

Until now, design has been perceived mainly as product <MAKING> but we felt it necessary to <FINDING> the workings between things and events and <LINKING> communities with the world before moving on to the making process. The <CREATING> section, the quintessential element of the creative process, highlights six great creators of the past including Ikko Tanaka. The bibliography and banner of each exhibit has been produced by the planners.

In design, no matter what a hard-fought process that designing may have been for the creator, the output should always embody love, dreams, and be a gift for those who receive it. Only when this happens does design turn into something captivating; something that can't be explained through mere words. A design museum is the link that connects the creator, the receiver, and the storyteller. We hope that this exhibition will help guide all of our visitors to find their entrance into this world of design.

Akiko Moriyama, Taku Satoh, and Naoto Fukasawa

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "Toward a DESIGN MUSEUM JAPAN"
October 25, 2013 - February 9, 2014
Tuesdays (Except December 24), December 27 - January 3
11:00 - 20:00 (Entrance until 19:30)
General ¥1,000 / University Student ¥800 / High and Junior High School Student ¥500 / Ages 12 and under may enter for free
*¥200 discount for a group of over 15 people
*With a certification of disability, admission is free as well as that of an accompanying care-giver.
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Organized by:
In association with:
Agency for Cultural Affairs; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, MINATO CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, The Council of the Design Association of Japan
Special Sponsor:
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Supported by:
ASAHI SHIGYO CO., LTD., Canon Marketing Japan Inc., TAKEO CO., LTD., BenQ Japan Co., Ltd., Yupo Corporation (in random order)
Akiko Moriyama, Taku Satoh, Naoto Fukasawa
Planning Associate:
Noriko Kawakami
Graphic Design:
Shingo Noma (Taku Satoh Design Office)
Space Design:
Lighting Design:
Haruki Kaito
Space Design Support:
Lui Igarashi
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Directors:
Issey Miyake, Taku Satoh, Naoto Fukasawa
Associate Director:
Noriko Kawakami

Above information may change without notice.

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