New Exhibition Dates: February 2 - July 18, 2011
Special Display and Special Admission for Students

Special Display: "Solaris" by Shiro Kuramata and "Valentine" by Ettore Sottsass
Shiro Kuramata's masterpiece "Solaris" (1977, Cabinet) and Ettore Sottsass's best-known work, "Valentine (Olivetti)" (1969, Typewriter) will be on special display at the 1F lobby as of April 27 (Wed.)

Shiro Kuramata
"Solaris" 1977 Cabinet
Photo: Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Ettore Sottsass
"Valentine (Olivetti)" 1969 Typewriter
Photo: Alberto Fioraventi

Special Admission for Students: Apr. 27 - Jul. 18
We expect that more students, who will create the future, will have greater freedom in discovering "the world of design, a world of dreams and love" created by the two designers.

University Students ¥800 → ¥500
High and Junior High School Students ¥500 → Free


[1F Lobby] Works for "Memphis" collective
RIGHT: Ettore Sottsass "Carlton"(Shelf, 1981), CENTER: Shiro Kuramata "Imperial" (cabinet, 1981), LEFT: Shiro Kuramata "TOKYO" (terrazzo table, 1983)
[Gallery 1] The Kachina series (2005-2010)
Kachina series has been produced based on the Sottsass's drawings at Cirva; Glass-blowing Studio in Marseille, France, under supervision of Ernest Mourmans.
[Gallery 2] Shiro Kuramata's design in the 1980's or later.
Four "Miss Blanche" (Chair, 1988) including an early prototype.
[Sunken Courtyard]
"How High the Moon" (Chair, 1986) made of titanium. (different from original type of steel)

Photos: Masaya Yoshimura

Films etc

  • "Aspiration for floatation - Miss Blanches and agravity"
    29 minutes, Japanese with French subtitles
  • Interview of Ettore Sottsass extracting from "History of Objects"
    18 minutes, English with Japanese subtitles
  • "Shiro Kuramata Purple Shadows"
    15minutes, Japanese (no subtitles)

"Amorino" (objet)
Turned to power 15:00 - 15:30 (several rolling motion)


"Hydrogen Dream" (lamp/objet)
Repeatedly turned on 1 minute and off 14 minutes.

Hydrogen Dream

"Malay B"(Table ware)
Repeatedly turned on 1 minute and off 14 minutes.

Malay B

Exhibition Tool for Kids

"See if you can find these objects in the exhibition. Let's find!"

An exhibition tool created for children under the direction of Yasuko Seki.
Provided at the reception desk upon request.

Click left image or below "Download", to get the PDF file.


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