Exhibition "Rules?"



This exhibition displays works by domestic and international designers and artists with the intention of understanding how rules affect their viewpoints, and how they resolve them. It also includes works and activities that have no apparent connection to rules, but which are looked at from the angle of rules. Scattered through the venue are pieces planned by the exhibition director team in collaboration with Kentaro Hirase (CANOPUS), encouraging visitors to recognize how rules influence our daily lives.

"Rules for Viewing the Exhibition"

Jun Sasaki (Oink Games)

"21_21 to 'one to one'"

Yasutaka Yoshimura Laboratory Waseda University

"How Rules Are Made (in the Case of Laws and Regulations)"

Planning: Tasuku Mizuno, Syunichi Suge

"Rules for Lines"

Planning: Syunichi Suge, Miyuki Tanaka

"Who else if not You?"

Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll), Miyuki Tanaka, Keigo Kobayashi (NoRA) x Haruka Uemura, Shunya Hagiwara x N sketch Inc.


Miyuki Tanaka, Syunichi Suge, Ritsuko Nomura

"The Square Makes It Through" "Sometimes Rules Are Invisible"

Masaya Ishikawa + nomena + Hiroaki Nakaji

"Shaped by Regulations"

Planning: Syunichi Suge, Miyuki Tanaka, Tasuku Mizuno

"Rules for Playing Tag"

Planning: Syunichi Suge, Kentaro Hirase

"Takigahara Chicken Village"

Yasutaka Yoshimura Laboratory Waseda University

"Kyoto Human Power Bus Guide 'We will tell you how to get to the destination.'"

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Swing

"Rules Made by Corporations"

Planning: Syunichi Suge, Miyuki Tanaka, Tasuku Mizuno

"Choreography Concept for Untrained Amateurs 003.1 Studies on 'angles' and Movements, covid-19 ver update"

contact Gonzo

"I Am Not a Feminist! 2017/2021"

Mai Endo

"Ge Yulu" (2017)

Ge Yulu

"Glowing, Exciting, CivicTech"

Code for Japan

"Culture Made by Rules"

Planning: Tasuku Mizuno, Miyuki Tanaka

Manazuru Community Development Ordinance "Design Code"

"Purchasing My Own Belongings Again in the Downtown" (2011)

Yoshinori Niwa

"tread thickness"

Yurika Kono + Rick Yamakawa

"D.E.A.D. Digital Employment After Death" (2020)

Whatever Inc.

"Rules for Making Groups"

Planning: Syunichi Suge, Kentaro Hirase, Yusaku Kimura

"A Haircut by 9 Hairdressers at Once (Second Attempt)" (2010)

Koki Tanaka

"Rules for Payment"

Planning: Syunichi Suge

*The works without a production year are new.