"ZAKKA -Goods and Things-"


Exhibition Contents

Focusing on the possibilities that zakka have to offer in daily life, we have organized the exhibits along broad themes, so that visitors can experience the inherent allure of these miscellaneous things.

"Matsunoya Sundries Peddler"
Matsunoya + Norihiko Terayama (studio note)

An installation that recreates a scene of a peddler in the Meiji era hawking daily necessities from a cart, but with modern daily necessities.

"Chronology of Zakka and Lifestyles"
Illustration: Ryuto Miyake

An exhibit that looks at the roots of zakka in the context of historical developments in Japan.

"Zatsu Mandala"
Illustration: Mayumi Kawahara

An exploration of distinctive elements of Japanese culture and sensibilities embodied in the compound zakka, of which zatsu is a part.

"Roots of Zakka"

Exploring how different things came to be valued as zakka by following 15 key words.
In cooperation with: Hiroshi Kashiwagi

A Never Ending Loop of Thoughts
Hidenori Ikeda / Saiko Ito (Lifestyle Adventurer)

Examining "ideal lifestyles" in the form of a soliloquy based on the creators' own experiences.

"Wajiro Kon and Modernologio"
Syunichi Suge

A comparison of postwar and contemporary lifestyles through collected record and analyses.

"The Zakka of the Exhibition"
Exhibition Planning Team

Numerous zakka selected from Naoto Fukasawa and exhibition planning team's perspective.

"Documentary film of 12 Exhibitors"
Rui Shimamoto / Woomin Hyun (CGM)

A documentary showing how the exhibitors looked for and chose zakka.

"The Zakka of the 12 Exhibitors"
Kyoko Ide (YAECA), Miyoko Okao (Stylist), Kazuto Kobayashi (Roundabout, OUTBOUND), Mana and Takashi Kobayashi (ima design office), Yoshiko Takahashi (S/S/A/W), Naomi Hirabayashi (Art Director), Lucas B.B. (PAPERSKY), PUEBCO INC., Kyoko and Masato Hori (CINQ, SAML.WALTZ), Tomi Matsuba (Gungendo), Takayuki Minami (alpha.co.ltd), Yoshiyuki Morioka (Morioka Shoten)

Exhibits by professionals in a variety of fields that give visitors a sense of their outlooks on life and how they live.

"d mart used 'A Convenience Store by the D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT'"
Kenmei Nagaoka + D&DEPARTMENT

Daily necessities - things in the possession of which there were more than one, more than necessary, and that were not being used - were collected to make a convenience store.

"Hook Carpet"

A carpet made of Japanese zakka that three designers from the Netherland produced after researching in Japan.

"Hybrid Collection"
Teppei Nomoto (Mingu Mokuhei)

Humorous daily goods born out of necessity.

"Kitsch Packages of Household Goods"
Shinobu Machida

Part of a collection of packages the creator began collecting in the 1950s.

"' '"
Shinya Aota

Reexamining the essence and value of things by taking familiar ready-made and mass-produced goods stripping away their surfaces.

"Lovable Bad Design"
Hisakazu Shimizu

Exploring the "archetype" for our sensibilities through design research along the theme of memory.

"Sentakumono ? TAIWAN #2"
The Simple Society & RONDADE

Things the creators felt still have power even when they are stripped of all their functions, meaning, and context in their original setting.

Philippe Weisbecker

Renderings of commonplace articles that fill everyday life.

"An Examination of Zakka and Design: Zakka from the Perspective of Design-Materials Combination and the Production Process"
Shigeki Fujishiro

A glimpse into how zakka are made, via an exhibit combining design and materials, and manufacturing processes.

"Zakka Exhibition's WANT or HAVE"
Junya Kojima (Superposition Inc.) + Shunya Hagiwara

Various zakka on display at the exhibition are presented via the web service Sumally.

"ZAKKA Exhibition Library"
Haruka Kunimatsu (Jamo Associates)

A booth where visitors can see publications and video concerning zakka.