「『活動のデザイン展』へのメッセージ」Vol.3 マイク・エーブルソン

2014年12月21日 17:13デザイン,活動のデザイン展


Touch is more certain and less vulnerable to error than vision. -Rene Descartes
Juhani Pallasmaa, "The Eyes of the Skin" (2005) 19ページより

Ears reveal sounds to us. Eyes check on the sound and tell us what the surface of something looks like at a distance. But our eyes and ears are easy to fool with photographs and movies.


When we see a shape but still cannot tell if it is real, we instinctively extend a hand to find out if what the eyes see matches what our hands will feel. The hand is the ultimate authority, a double check on reality. If the eyes are snap judgement, the hands are the Supreme Court (Saiko Saiban-sho)


The skin is the largest organ (kikan) of the body. We are covered by skin sensing temperature, wind, weight and the textures of objects. We constantly cross-reference what our eyes see, our ears hear and what our skin senses the way a tripod's three legs create stability.


Five antennae on each hand. Through these 10 antennae we experience objects used close to the body. A necklace, a bag, and a wallet are things we touch many times everyday and are known best by touch. When I design a bag or a wallet, I make them as much for the eye as I do for the body and the hand. A shape might look square, but a tiny curve that the eye might miss is understood when touched. The eye might not be able to see these details but the hands do.